The People's Solicitors is a multi-disciplinary firm. Our practitioners have secondary skills and extensive former careers at senior and directorship levels. We are also accountants, real estate advisers, programmers, financiers, engineers, public relations consultants, medical administrators and capital advisors.

Our staff are engaged not only for their legal skills, but for their ability to develop workable solutions and to communicate well. We supervise and mentor a number of solicitors who are initially hired on a volunteer basis.


  Solicitor Director


Kingsley Liu
LLB (Hons) B Eng

Kingsley has a career background in commercial law, investment banking and engineering. He is a former member of the ASX, founder and Managing Director of Auspac Securities, and Investment Manager Arbuthnot Lathum Limited.

His expertise covers both commercial and criminal law.


  Senior Solicitors


Bob Ramsey
B.Ec, Dip Ed, Dip Law

Bob Ramsey has experience in commercial and criminal litigation.
His background is in education.

Norma Markovski
LLB, B.Com

Norma Markovski has expertise in industrial and employment law, OH&S prosecutions, conveyancing and comercial leases, family , commercial law and workers compensation.

Andrew Paul
LLB (Hons)

Andrew Paul previously ran his own law firm. He was also a barrister in Malaysia.
He operates the People Solicitors Coffs Harbour branch office.

Francis Lau
LLB, B.Bus, B.Theology

Francis Lau is a Chartered Accountant in Australia, American CPA (Colarado State) and a Registered Migration Agent.


  Special Counsel


Lewis Marks
Juris Doctorate (J.D)

Lewis Marks is a registered member of the New York Bar
He is a legal advisor to various mining companies and was former CEO of Glencore, China.

Tony Lim
LLB, B.Eng

Tony Lim is a former engineer and builder. He specialises in contract and construction law. He operates from Singapore.


Your Diverse legal team

We have solicitors (registered practitioners) and graduate solicitors (trainees) who help us manage the case load. They come from a range of backgrounds including students-at-law. Nearly all speak a second language. All of our staff members have contributed extensively to the systems development of the firm and in building both the operations manuals and managing our unique client matter control list.

  • Robert Ramsey
  • Andrew Paul (Malay and Hindi)
  • Norma Markovski (Tagalog)
  • Kingsley Liu (Mandarin)
  • Francis Lau (Cantonese)
  • Tony Lim (Mandarin and Cantonese)
  • Lewis Marks (Mongolian, Mandarin and Japanese) - USA
  • Sunny Chen Wenli (Mandarin)
  • Micheal Griffiths
  • David Brooks
  • Andrea Tomic
  • Ernest Ma
  • Rhonda Furner



Jeffrey Shaw QC has had an extensive career in the legal profession, with expertise in key areas of the law. He served as the Attorney General of the State of NSW as well as the NSW Minister of Industrial Relations from 1995 to 2000. He then served as a Justice of the Supreme Court of NSW from 2003 to 2004. Jeff worked at The People's Solicitors until he passed away on 11 May 2010.

Jeff Shaw served nearly 4 years at Peoples Solicitors.

He rarely took time off and made himself fully available whether it was a conference or a representation at Court. He was noted for winning appeal cases at the District and Supreme Courts and on rare occasions at the High Court. Whether DUI, traffic infringements, or challenges to the Ministry of Transport and Local Council decisions, Jeff mentored everyone how best to serve both the client and courts interest.

Often on the weekends he would still meet with clients and draft his many articles that were published in law journals and other media.


Our trainee solicitors graced our firm with cultures from Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Most had graduated from NSW law schools.

Many have taken on positions in government such as DPP and various ministries, private corporations and law firms throughout Australia. Some have set up their own law firms. Their contributions has made the Peoples Solicitors what it is today. The alumni solicitors bear a special relationship with our firm.