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Key Cases 2007-2020

August – 2020

Launch DVRedress, The Peoples Solicitors in conjunction with Brigid Project to help survivors of domestic violence. The venture merges knowledge and resources for litigation issues on personal injury and DV recourse.


December – 2019

Act for retirement village residents for a class action claim for compensation and return of equity interest in land


September - 2019

Examine the impact of the Foreign Influence Legislation on operations of Chinese community organisations


August - 2019

Recovery monies for Afghan investor in Australian migration scheme for high net worth businessmen


May - 2019

Complex sentencing (early childhood  PTSD) for Chinese son for malicious wounding of mother


February - 2019

Development of legal protection for intellectual property on the novel mobile ordering system


October - 2018

Join the Forum for Rights of Nature (Griffiths University) to develop a local council approach to its strategic planning


August - 2018

Chair forum for opportunities and complexities for Chinese Australian communities in relation to new legislation and community services (Melbourne & Sydney)


June - 2018

Appeal lower court decision for a class action negligence claim in the Christmas Island Boat Tragedy against Commonwealth of Australia 


April - 2018

Advise on intellectual property rights for publishing mathematical solutions


February - 2018

Submissions to the foreign influence inquiry for Parliamentary Joint Committee Intelligence & Security


January - 2018

Medical negligence claim against Queensland Health for failure to diagnose Wilson’s disease for Hmong patient who suffered massive injuries over 7 years as a result


December - 2017

Manage a financial claim to recover IPO monies wrongly taken by financier and its subsequent impact on the investors


November - 2017

Sale of entertainment & leisure business


September - 2017

Host Frank Wu, Chancellor of University of California ( Hastings) and Dean of Law, Chair of Committee of 100 to Australia for series of lectures in Melbourne and Sydney


June - 2017

Represent claim for complex properties dispute for a sister, against her brother


March - 2017

Claim against a Church for financial dealings and subsequent damages that embroiled innocent member. Won


December - 2016

Hearing for class negligence claim for Christmas Island Boat Tragedy against Commonwealth of Australia


October - 2016

Represent a group of Badgery Creek tenants to defy eviction by Commonwealth of Australia at the Western Sydney Airport site.


June - 2016

Settle professional negligence claim with LawCover for a law firm acting for pharmacy proprietor


February - 2016

Represent a community association to defend against an aggressive local community plan to undo a development application to build a Muslim prayer hall. Won


November - 2015

Represent a victim for long-term sexual abuse claim against Diocese of Hobart. Settled


June - 2015

Secure an injunction for members against two Chinese associations to stop unfair dealing on a Chinatown property transaction. Won.


March - 2015

Represent a compensation claim against Road & Maritime Services for unfair land acquisition


December - 2014

Represent Asian customers in Human Rights Commission action over national supermarket discrimination in relation to baby milk formula purchases. Settled.


November - 2014

Represent developer for a claim for losses over his joint venture partners for breach of land development agreements. Lost at Supreme Court but won in Court of  Appeal


July - 2014

Represent client on a claim of professional negligence by his lawyers over the client’s claim against the bank for improperly lending against his properties.


February - 2014

Defend defamation case for 80-year-old client by a Chinese association. Settled


August - 2013

Represent a former priest to sue NSW Trustees for wrongful management and distribution of his family properties. 


June - 2013

Convene national campaign with local councils to oppose changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, Section 18C. Won


March - 2013

Moved from Darlinghurst to Penrith


December - 2012

Settle trademark dispute at Supreme Court over the use of overseas company’s intellectual property


December - 2012

Submission on Cobbora Coal Project, Dunedoo to partner with windfarm development


October - 2012

Defeat Professional Negligence Strikeout at Supreme Court


September - 2012

Commence Defence of defamation case against Fairfax publication on doubtful work by immigration agency at Supreme Court


September - 2012

Win case in Mental Health Review Tribunal


July - 2012

Supreme Court case against the Department of Lands


June - 2012

Supreme Court case for client against Health Care Complaints Commission. Settled


May - 2012

Official Legal Advisor to the Australian Chinese Community Association


April - 2012

Submission to Department of Multiculturalism, Canberra


March - 2012

Completion of Free Continuing Legal Education Lectures


February – 2012

Settlement of protracted dispute at Family Court


Dec - 2011

Submission to Clean Energy Finance Corporation for wind farm group at Coolah


Nov - 2011

Settlement for medical negligence claim at Supreme Court


August - 2011

The firm is accepted into Civil Law Panel at Legal Aid


July - 2011

Coffs Harbour branch office opens under the management of senior solicitor Andrew Paul


July - 2011

Setting up The Peoples Solicitors blog sites


May - 2011

Jeff Shaw memorial lecture at Trades Hall


May - 2011

Settlement of significant family law property dispute before Family Court (averting 5 days trial)


May - 2011

Settlement of building management matter before the District Court


April - 2011

Kingsley Liu is elected to President Australian Chinese Business Development Association


March - 2011

Completion of our inaugural free Continuing Legal Practice lectures (6 sessions)


February - 2011

Completion of a serious fraud case before the District Court. Settled with plea.


February - 2011

Passing away of Malcolm Duncan favourite barrister advocate for the firm


January - 2011

Launch of the peoples solicitors registration on-line site for a taxi-drivers class action against Cabcharge. Case of compensation due to excessive 10% surcharge could not go the distance


October - 2010

Completion of a major personal injury claim before CARS. Motorbike driver (engineering student – trainee commercial pilot) won in excess of $1 million for permanent damage of required fitness capacity


August - 2010

Settlement of building construction dispute before the CTTT. Owner applicant had a strong case against architect and builder


August - 2010

Defence of criminal damage to large retailer’s Woolworth computer systems. The client got a suspension of 2-year sentence on appeal. He assisted in rebuilding our office network


May - 2010

Passing away of Jeff Shaw, founder-director of the People's Solicitors, Former Attorney General and Supreme Court Judge. 70 ex-staff attend the Town Hall memorial.


March - 2010

Appeal Hearing District Court against Ministry of Transport over illegal pickup at the airport. Our taxi-driver won.


December - 2009

Successful hearing on 7-day defamation case against major newspaper who described our client as a peoples smuggler. Won for our client


November - 2009

Successful Hearing at Federal Court on pharmacy licence dispute between the jailed applicant and a poaching defendant. Won for the applicant


September - 2009

Appeal at Supreme Court - Professional Negligence by doctor appealing against AHPRA decision to bar him. Successful in securing a 6 figure compensation. The doctor retired to a quiet life in Queensland.


June - 2009

Hearing at Victoria County Administration Tribunal over improper use of Power of Attorney. Won for complainant


2006 to 2009

There were many cases managed by the Peoples Solicitors that will be documented at a later date.

Many of these cases were for disadvantaged groups such as taxi-drivers, oppressed tenants, police and public servants seeking compensation under industrial relations laws, refugees and homeless persons



THE FIRST CASE with Jeff Shaw and Kingsley Liu being thrown together by circumstances to help taxi drivers:  Landmark Case for taxi industry June 2006 at the Australian Competition Tribunal. We helped the small Australian Taxidrivers Association to defeat the industry behemoth “Cabcharge” and its group of companies in a two day hearing against a group of lawyers and silks

They formed the People Solicitors shortly afterwards in July 2006 off the back of an envelope plan and budget.

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