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COVID-19 Disaster in Schools
The People’s Solicitors Proposed Class Action

Education departments across Australia have failed to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on teachers, students and their families.  Many parents and teachers are feeling outraged and abandoned by the way Education Departments have kept people in the dark, not protected them and minimised the dangers in schools.

You might feel angry but know that legal action is costly and risky. Class actions are funded by a litigation company so you would not have to pay legal costs. The People’s Solicitors are considering class actions, suing education administrators on behalf of people who have been injured financially, physically or psychologically by their negligence.



  • Has your child caught COVID at school, forcing you to miss work or lose income to care for them?

  • Has your child become very sick, needed to go to hospital or acquired a long-term health problem as a result of catching COVID at school?

  • Has COVID spread from your school child to your family, resulting in the illness or death of a loved-one?

  • Are you angry about your child being in poorly ventilated, overcrowded classrooms?

  • Have you felt forced to send your child to school during the pandemic against your better judgement?

  • Would you have kept your child home if your school had warned you of an outbreak there?


  • Have you been forced to take unreasonable health risks in the course of your job?

  • Has your employer failed to fully disclose COVID risks and case numbers in your school?

  • Have you suffered injury or financial loss because of your employer's negligence?

  • Do you have long term medical issues or expenses due to COVID but can't prove it's work related?

The People’s Solicitors are considering the legal options. 


Register here if you would like to be kept informed about the development of possible class actions to obtain damages and force governments to make schools safer (e.g. ventilation & air conditioning rather than relying on open windows).

YOUR PRIVACY: We will only use the information you submit for the purpose explained on this page. Personal information will not be disclosed to anyone other than the People’s Solicitors.

Register your interest 



Thanks, we'll keep you posted!

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