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Our Principal - Kingsley Liu

A third-generation Chinese-Australian, Kingsley’s career path has been previously in power engineering and investment banking from Melbourne to Canada and Asia, before focusing on legal practice and community interests.


He is a former member of the ASX, founder and Managing Director of Auspac Securities, and Investment Manager Arbuthnot Lathum Limited.

His legal expertise covers a wide range of litigation in both commercial and criminal law.

In 2006, with the goal to act for disadvantaged persons and the less privileged, Kingsley co-founded The People's Solicitors with Jeff Shaw QC - former New South Wales Attorney-General (1995-2000) and NSW Supreme Court judge (2003-2004).


From 2006 to 2020 the firm acted in many matters across legal areas. In 2016 -2018 People’s Solicitors has represented the survivors of the 2010 Christmas Island boat tragedy, in which 48 of the 89 asylum seekers died. It was a lengthy class action against the Australian Government for negligence.

Kingsley is the National President of the Asian Australian Lawyers Association.

He is President of the Chinese Community Council of Australia.


He has run 5 times previously in local, state and federal elections. 

His qualifications are LLB ( Hons) B Eng. 

Please add [ATTN: Kingsley] in the subject of email

if you wish to reach him directly.

Former Co-Principal

- the Late NSW Attorney General Jeff Shaw

Jeff Shaw co-founded the firm with Kingsley and Janice Gounder in 2007.


The son of a foreman printer who was sacked for joining a strike, Jeff graduated from the University of Sydney with an arts-law degree in 1973. He was admitted as a solicitor to the NSW Supreme Court in 1975, and as a barrister the following year. He was appointed a Queen's Counsel in 1986.


After entering politics in 1990 to fill a vacancy in the NSW Legislative Council, he went on to establish an independent Administrative Decisions Tribunal and the Drug Court.

In 1998, he made amendments that abolished the statute of limitations on dust disease claims, which resulted in thousands of successful compensation cases for asbestos victims and their families.

The firm aims to help the part of the community that's left stranded between Legal Aid level and the more conventional but expensive legal services. These are those people who really need support but struggle to afford quality legal services.

Jeff's vision was to give good folks, sound legal results without having them break the bank. The People’s Solicitors had initially provided legal advice and advocacy services on a range of legal matters in the trade union and taxi industries, migration and commercial property transactions. It now provides an extensive range of services in almost every area of law

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