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Meet Our Paralegals



Contract & IP Law Specialist


University of Sydney DipLaw

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Peter became a lawyer late in life - after 10 years in Court fighting for his tech inventions and 40 years' experience in tech ventures generating groundbreaking inventions. He developed the world’s first commercial sound-sampling synthesiser, the Fairlight CMI, and the VitalCall personal medical alarm.
His invention which removed commercials from TV recordings brought him into a copyright dispute with Nine Network in 2006. This later became a landmark case in Australian copyright law, and went all the way to the High Court of Australia in 2009 - the High Court eventually ruling in favour of Peter's company IceTV. 


Since joining The People's Solicitors Peter has assisted a diverse range of clients seeking social justice, including retirees threatened with loss of their homes, a journalist whose free speech was threatened, and a victim of discrimination due to a  disability.
Outside of legal practice, Peter is still developing new technologies to make independent living safer and better for the elderly, as the co-owner of Vitalcare Pty Ltd. 

Peter also has been active in social and environmental causes since the eighties. He helped the Wayside Chapel's Rev. Ted Noffs establish "Life Education", which is now Australia's largest independent health and drug education provider for school children, took part in the landmark Franklin River blockade, and was instrumental in the campaign for banning cigarette advertisement in Australia.


Corporate & Business Law Specialist

State University of New York JD
Georgetown University BSc

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A registered New York lawyer, Lewis has lived and worked in Asia for 37 years. He lived in Beijing and Mongolia for most of the last 17 years. Lewis is proficient in Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, and German. He advises and partakes on mining developement and investments in and out of Australia.

Lewis has served as member of the board of directors of the LIM Japan Fund since 2002, and has been a managing member at MIC Global Partners LLC. He now serves as a director of Tsast Impex LLC. 


Lewis was with Marc Rich & Co and then Glencore from 1980 to 2001. He ran Glencore's operations in China  and was previously a director of CBH Resources Limited - an ASX listed mining company.


Credit & Debt Specialist

Legal Profession Admission Board DipLaw
University of Sydney PhD
Macquarie University BA (Hon)

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Merrilyn has 11 years' experience using credit reporting laws and privacy laws to remove incorrect default, judgment, enquiry, and repayment history listings off credit reports. If you have a poor credit score or are deep in debt, Merrilyn is your lawyer.

Being a passionate advocate for those experiencing overwhelming debt and credit file issues, Merrilyn founded Princeville Credit Advocates and Solve My Debt Now - providing a holistic alternative to going bankrupt or entering a Part 9 Debt Agreement.

Merrilyn has successfully removed over 8,000 negative listings from credit files, and has performed over 5,000 debt negotiations (inc. part and full waivers).

Merrilyn now coordinates our litigation against credit agencies and finance companies. 


Outside of work, Merrilyn is a yogi, local market attendee, and a surrogate family member to a family with 3 young kids.


Contract & Corporate Law Specialist

Australian National University LLM
University of Southern Queensland MBA
University of Wolverhampton LLB

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Tony is an experienced contract specialist based in Singapore. He is experienced in corporate compliance matters and has previously led key functional area of procurement and contract activities for MOH Holdings Pte Ltd (Singapore) in construction/development, IT, and finance.

Prior to that, Tony was extensively involved in construction and engineering work in a broad spectrum of private and public sector clients operating in the construction and engineering industries including legal and regulatory policies and functions relating to the construction industry.


Family Law Specialist

University of New England LLB
College of Law GDLP

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Arty is a passionate family lawyer. His main practices are including parenting plan, property settlement and probate. He is also looking after various family matters from the Legal Aid.


Prior to his legal profession, Arty used to work in IT departments of Citibank, UBS and other global tech companies, such as Samsung and Apple.

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