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Our Services

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we have experience in a range of legal areas as follows:


  • general litigation  

  • human rights 

  • family law

  • criminal defence and appeals

  • personal injury and domestic violence

  • housing and landlord issues

  • defamation

  • wills and estate

  • property sales and leasing

  • refinancing and conveyancing

  • commercial transactions

  • corporations law

  • traffic and motor vehicle claims

  • negligence claims against institutions, health, regulatory &  government authorities

We have wide experience in running matters in Local Court, District Court, Federal Court, Family Court, Administrative Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Guardianship Tribunal, the NSW Supreme Court, and the High Court.

Our firm's philosophy rests on the cornerstones of legal expertise and reliable customer relationships built with trust and integrity. We ensure delivery of  responsible professional service to meet your expectation of outcome and cost.

We can offer reasonable lump sum fixed fees. For certain work and under particular circumstances, we may operate on a success driven formula.

We have developed an after hours and a weekend law service to meet local community needs for the  area. Our lawyers operate from the Central Coast, Sydney CBD, Greater Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains

We are happy to initially discuss the extent and type of matter over the phone and indicate a preliminary course of action. Collection of relevant information will be part of the next step towards formalities. 

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